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Dear Hialeah, Today is the Day - Hire our Pool Pros

Hialeah Neighborhood Pool Service is your source for the most professional pool service in Hialeah Florida. Being a family operated business with a long history allows us to keep our mission uncomplicated - provide the most principled & professional workmanship in the Hialeah, FL area. No other Hialeah, FL pool company wants to win and keep you as a customer more than we do! Our service is secured by our industry leading Pool Service Guarantee.

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For Hialeah we Created a All-inclusive & Essentials Pool Service Plan

* The Starting Price   ( Monthly price based on a four week billing period )

For customers who have a spa attached to your inground pool, all pool service prices listed will include your spa and this can affect the total monthly cost.

Hayward Pool Products Jandy Pool Products Polaris Pool Products Pentair Pool Products
Our Hialeah pool service technicians use pool products, equipment, parts and supplies from top brands like Polaris, Hayward, Jandy and Pentair.

The Extensive 23 Point Pool Service Plan for Hialeah Pools

Your pool on our weekly Hialeah service route will get these tasks performed by a experienced service tech every week.

Your Water Balance & Swimming Pool Chemicals
  1. pH Factor - retain Adjusting pool water acidity.
  2. Temperature & pH Factor - evaluate We calculate the perfect pH based on TA, calcium, and water temperature.
  3. Calcium Hardness - evaluate
  4. Total Dissolved Solids - evaluate Finding impurities in your pool water.
  5. Chloramines - retain Hurts your eyes, we check and remove them.
  6. Chlorine - retain Disinfect the pool water.
  7. Cyanuric Acid - evaluate Looking for the proper amount.
  8. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point) - evaluate
  9. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - retain
  10. Salt Content - checked (saltwater pools)
  11. TA (Total Alkalinity) - retain Stabilize the pH with sodium bi-carbonate.

Checks on Your Pool Equipment
  1. Swimming Pool Sweep (cleared and checked)
  2. Valves monitored
  3. Filter backwashes: DE filters (monthly), sand filters (weekly)
  4. Swimming Pool Sweep: inspected
  5. Skimmer baskets checked and emptied
  6. Swimming Pool Sweep debris bags checked and emptied
  7. Pump strainer baskets checked and emptied

General Pool Service
  1. Netting of the pool (surface & bottom) *
  2. Weekly hose vacuum *
  3. Weekly Leaf & Debris Vacuuming *
  4. Brush walls and steps
  5. Brush spa

* All-inclusive Pool Service Plan Only

» View the All-inclusive Pool Service Plan Cost and Details

» View the Essentials Pool Service Plan Cost and Details

All Pool Services Backed by our Service Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Hialeah homeowner is important to us. Learn More »

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Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

We also provide pool repair services to Hialeah customers. We can service and repair your valves, motors, timers, pumps and filters. For most repairs we charge a diagnosis fee of $99 which will be applied towards any approved pool equipment repairs. More information about our repair services.

Hialeah Neighborhood Pool Service is a full service company, so we can handle anything else your pool needs, such as acid washes, equipment repairs, filter cleanings and leak detection.

Hialeah Service Areas

Hialeah, FL has a spacious city area. However our pool service range extends to almost any Hialeah residence for repairs, leak detection, or our ongoing weekly pool service. Zip codes: 33012, 33015, 33010, 33018, 33016, 33014 and 33013, and others are available for service. Contact us to confirm your availability.

About Hialeah Recreation

As [companyName], we?re proud to call vibrant Hialeah, Florida our home and love serving homeowners in this lively city. Located in the sunshine state within [Miami-Dade County, Florida], Hialeah is an exciting place to live, work, and raise a family. Hialeah has a unique blend of rich history, cultural diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit. We're not just your average plumbing company; we're part of the fabric of this unique community. Working here, we?re often reminded of the city?s slogan, "All Ways Lead to Hialeah," and it?s true! Our service vans crisscross the city daily, from the beautiful homes in Palm Avenue to the historical landmarks like the iconic Hialeah Park Racing & Casino. This city has a vibrant arts and music scene that is truly impressive. We get to witness this firsthand as we service homes around the Leah Arts District, a vibrant hub for artists and creatives. And let?s not forget about the annual events that bring our community together, like the Hialeah Art on Palm festival, where local artists showcase their work. When it comes to recreation, Hialeah doesn't disappoint. We often find ourselves ?diving? into work near the Amelia Earhart Park, a popular spot for outdoor activities and family picnics. If you're into horse racing, we?re just a pipe?s throw away from the historic Hialeah Park, where you can enjoy a day at the races. Education is a cornerstone in Hialeah. The city is home to several universities and research institutions, making it an ideal place for families with school-aged children. Plus, it?s just a short commute to the nearby educational hubs of [Miami, FL] and [Coral Gables, FL]. In Hialeah, homeownership is a badge of honor, and we?re here to ensure that every home is in tip-top shape. When an emergency plumbing situation strikes, fear not! [companyName] is on hand with licensed professionals ready to fix any leaks or blockages. We're the 'Super Mario Brothers' of the plumbing world, always ready to save the day! Not to mention, our hometown is known for its booming industries and business-friendly environment. We?re proud to be part of the network of local businesses contributing to the city?s thriving economy. So, whether you?re a long-time resident or new to town, Hialeah is a city full of opportunities, culture, and a strong sense of community. And as your local plumbing superheroes, [companyName] is always just a call away!

Start Loving your Pool Again

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your swimming pool. Our company stands behind our pool plans with our Pool Service Guarantee.

Send us a message or call us at (305) 602-9966 if you would like to add your pool to our local route for pool service or get an estimate.