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Essentials Pool Service Plan: The Reliable Manager of Hialeah Backyard Pools

For home pool owners in Hialeah, FL we provide a Essentials Pool Service Plan that accounts for much of the work involved in keeping your inground pool swimming pool. Under this plan you should run the pool equipment, net, maintain proper water level, vacuum, and call us about any issues. Hialeah Neighborhood Pool Service technicians do the rest.

Read the checklist below showing the service duties of What Our Company Does vs What the Customer Does for the Essentials Plan.

Pricing from $99 per month

What Our Company Does

We analyze your pool water and apply the proper chemicals and minerals to keep your water in excellent condition.
We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae. See our No Algae Guarantee.
We check your pool equipment.
We empty your pump baskets and pool skimmer.
We backwash your filter on regular basis.
We vacuum your pool once a month.
We clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag / filter).
We clean your pool sweep wall screen.
We verify your pool cleaner operation.
We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of pool issues.
We brush your pool (walls, steps, tiles).

What the Customer Does

Report any detection of swimming pool issues.
Keep the pool equipment operating approving repairs when needed.
Net your pool surface and bottom.
Maintain sufficient water level.
Vacuum your pool, if desired, on weeks we did not.

Additional Info

Stabilizer treatments required.
There could be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.
Monthly price based on a 4 week billing cycle.
All-inclusive Pool Service Equipment and Chemicals

Have a busy schedule? Try our All-inclusive Pool Service Plan.

Other Pool Types in Hialeah Florida

Most of the swimming pools we maintain in Hialeah on our weekly pool service routes are inground pools. With inground pool there are several special features that many of our customers enjoy which are unique to inground pools. Features such as self-cleaning jets, which are located on the floor of your pool and spray a jet of water in all directions getting rid of dirt or sand that might have piled up nearby. Another feature is called a beach entry. With a beach entry you can walk down a slight slope all the way into the pool, compared to the normal steps down. These features make inground pools a unique way for Hialeah homeowners to enjoy their outdoors.